Canada spends about 5.4% of its GDP on education. The country invests heavily in tertiary education (more than US$20,000 per student). The curriculum is designed to elicit the development and quality of people’s cognition through the guiding of accommodations of individuals to their natural environment and their changing social order. Vocational institutions offer career-focused training that is often practical where these institutions train their graduates to work as semi-professionals in various fields such as the skilled trades and technical careers and for workers in support roles in professions such as engineering, information technology, accountancy, business administration, health care, architecture, and law. University colleges and vocational institutions also offer degree programs where a student can take courses and receive a credit that can be transferred to a university.

According to an announcement of the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada is introducing a new, fast-track system to let foreign students and graduates with Canadian work experience become permanent eligible residents in Canada.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is a bilingual country where you can cultivate language skills and boost your prospective future career. Apart from a globally recognized degree and best livable country, Canada is a world leader in software development, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, urban transport, biotechnology, mining technology, and environmental industries. You can find no of faculties and program from more than 90 Universities and 150+ colleges and technical institutions. Vibrant and lively college life with affordable fees, quality living, scholarships, and allow part-time work during study.

What are the advantages?

International students in Canada growing every year and to maintain the diversity of international students, the Canadian government has budgeted $147.9 million dollars towards this goal over the next five years. Many of them are able to stay in Canada after finishing their studies as well, it’s because Canada also offers a Post Graduate work permit ( similar to PSW) after degree programs, which may give you an edge in getting a work permit to stay in Canada longer.

Where you may face problems?

You must remember that you are leaving your comfort zone and investing your present for your better future. You need to ensure that you will meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit, ( Acceptance letter, Proof of finance, identity documents), and then prepare your application by making sure that you have gathered all documents required for Nepalese student It is a good idea to have an experienced agent to review your application before you submit it. Besides the tuition fee, there are a lot more expenses involved when you plan to study overseas and we are here for help.

Career counseling

Are you concerned about your career? Does this uncertainty scare you? Relax, our expert career counselor will explore options, set goals, and explain career opportunities now and in future. They helps you create an image that employers and other professionals appreciate and respect. So you can rely on us to address these fears.

College/University Admission

Are you unsure about a course, overseas life? Where to study, college or university? Our experience admission officers who already work with the provider, admission GTE officers. S/he will help you to create a persuasive essay that exceeds your expectations, enhance your admission, and satisfy your ambitions for the chosen program.

Preparation Classes

Finding a best tutor and modern classroom is often a headache, especially when you need to a good score in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and other languages. We understand you’re stressed over an exam, you may not be adequately prepared, disappointed with your previous tutor, surely you don’t want to waste time and money. Then Nmark Education is the best to prepare.

Visa application

All your documents are reviewed by a team of immigration experts before the submission to respective embassies, no matter application are based on online or paper. So that we’ve arranged dedicated visa application officers, they are well-trained and offers years of experience


Every college or university has their own checklist to recruit or ensure the genuine temporary entrant. To minimize the impact on your process Nmark Education’s practices provide relevant, up-to-date information with proper review of the document’s authenticity and completeness. SO we are capable enough to handle your applications.

Pre Departure Briefing

We will make sure you receive realistic and accurate information at beginning of your application. During these sessions; topics includes information on culture, health and travel insurance, medical and money matters, part time jobs, accommodations, plane ticket, airport pickup. Briefing sessions will give the confidence to start your overseas studies.

Why you should choose Nmark Education to Handel your application?

We are means that we are truly overseas education oriented consultant in town with individual attention, available staff having strong industry experience for a personal approach. We are means that we are truly overseas education oriented consultant in town with individual attention, available staff having strong industry experience for a personal approach.
We are means that we are truly overseas education oriented consultant in town with individual attention, available staff having strong industry experience for a personal approach.

Are you searching for the best consultancy who can handle your application?